Ranboo Mask (Pack of 4)


Ranboo Mask (Pack of 4)


PACK OF 4 Ranboo Masks!

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  • Fabric is made of ultra-fine yarns knitted together into a piece of high-density performance fabric. This creates a light, breathable textile that is soft to the touch.
  • Ranboo mask has a unique fiber cross-section that dries twice as fast as cotton fabrics. The mask allows for faster evaporation of exhaled moisture, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable feeling compared to other masks.
  • It is ultra-comfortable and offers a snug fit and ample ventilation. With stretchable ear-loops, pain is reduced and comfort is maximized even after prolonged use. Unisex face cover.
  • The mask is suitable for use at home, work, office, sports, shopping, bus, traveling, indoor, outdoor parties

If you are looking for an accurate Ranboo mask to mimic the beloved himself, it doesn’t get more authentic than this!

Ranboo Mask (Pack of 4)


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