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Ranboo (full name Ranboo My Beloved or Ranboo_Beloved), whose real name is still a mystery, is the thirtieth member of the Dream SMP who joined on November 27, 2020. He is a well-known YouTuber and twitch streamer for his gaming videos involving Minecraft as well as collaborations with other gamers. He has gained 45 million views on YouTube and almost 3 million subscribers. Ranboo’s Merch is officially in town and you can avail Ranboo’s New merch of your choice! 

He made his name on the Twitter platform on July 27, 2021, after reaching 2 million followers. People started following his style, pose, and gaming skill.

He has become a great influencer of the gaming industry that people want to be in his outfit before introducing themselves into the tech industry as a Pro. Whatever he wears becomes a Ranboo fashion.

The Only Person who can give me answers…. Is myself.

Does Ranboo reveal his face?

In every video, Ranboo has been seen wearing a face mask with dark sunglasses. People started calling him similar to his YouTuber fellow Hank Green for a while and many believed that two could be the same person appearing differently. Since then Hank Green addressed the speculations on TikTok and asked people

How do I resemble Ranboo? Do I use to wear Ranboo crows, Ranboo Tee or Ranboo Hoddie? Can you guys tell me what are the Ranboo (Jackets, beanies, or hats) vibes you’re getting from me?

Ranboo wanted to keep his identity anonymous as a part of his brand on the internet. Due to which he used to cover his face with Ranboo Mask.

Back in April 2021, in one of his leaked videos, people saw his face mask slipped down while talking. So it’s revealed there’s not a single identity behind two appearances.

From all perspectives and features, Ranboo looks like an American teenage boy with hazel eye color and blonde skater hair.

You can find Ranboolive Merch from the Ranboo merch website.

Ranboo in Personal Life

Ranboo is such a polite and friendly member of the server and more above a passive member of the SMP. He shows hesitance at killing Corner when Tommy asked him to take to the door’s side. He use to talk about things rather than using weapons.

He gets attached to animals very easily and loves to have new pets on the server. You’ll find many of Ranboo inspired merch printed with the names or images of his pets.

Ranboo is loyal and helping to his friends who were with him in difficult times. He thinks that taking sides in this world is the cause of every problem. This is the reason most people think Ranboo is an unloyal person who can hurt anyone. While on the other side, he is protective and ready to do everything to keep them safe.

In one of the conferences, Ranboo said,

Due to tears being water and hurt him most, he avoids crying. In difficult times, he also avoids gathering and facing people. He locks himself in a room and talks to himself as a second person to calm down and release stress.

Ranboo’s Participation in MCC

One of the latest controversies being associated with Ranboo nowadays is his presence in the Minecraft championship (MCC). He has been seen in various collaborations with other Minecraft creators but not allowed to join MCC.

Rumors are there that he has been kicked off from the event. The story all started with a chat comment by Smajor, one of the organizers of the MCC. He commented in a jolly and friendly way that people started taking it so seriously and went to the Ranboo to clarify the story behind his comment.

Gaming History

Ranboo entered in Dream SMP on November 27, 2020, halfway into his stream when he tried to hack the server. AT starts when he joined Dream, Ranboo was jokingly killed by Dream. After that joke, he was welcome by his Dream team and offered a tour from Nihachu.

Ranboo had no clue about his joining into Dream SMP; he just got an invitation from Dream during his streaming asking for the IGN so that Dream could whitelist him to the server.

On the second day of his joining, Tubbo offered him an official tour during which they were agreed on a deal concerning the election. If Ranboo won, he’ll make Tubbo his VP and if Tubbo won then Tubbo will make Ranboo his Secretary of State.

Although there are more Minecraft channels on YouTube that can be counted, the talented one always makes his place and name from the rest. Ranboo has been one of the best and latest creative Minecraft creators that rose to repute and honor even finding a place in Dream SMP. So what are you waiting for?

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